EndUserSharePoint.com: Links to Live By

I spend WAY too much time tracking what people are saying about using SharePoint. I save so much, I’ve finally created a folder structure in my Favorites list that organizes┬áthe SharePoint sites saved by week. Here’s the highlights of the past week’s favorites.

  1. How to Migrate a SharePoint List and Preserve the Properties
    Not much can surprise both me and Chris, but Henry’s tip is definitely a keeper. If you’re going to be maintaining a site, you’ll need to know how to work around the SharePoint restrictions for moving lists. Put this one at the top of your favorites list.
  2. SharePointCommunity.com
    If you are looking for a comprehensive resource center on SharePoint, look no farther. This site contains an overwhelming amount of content with a reasonably good interface for such a large amount information.
  3. Exposing More Columns in Explorer View
    I like to think I’m pretty good at the Tricks and Traps thing, but this post adds a nice flourish to using the Explorer View.
  4. SharePoint-Screencasts.com
    There’s nothing like a good screencast to clarify points and keep your interest. The presentation on this site is pretty dry, but the content is excellent… probably worth the tradeoff.
  5. Office Hours: Get your docs in a row with SharePoint libraries
    Quote: "Feeling a bit like you’re paddling upstream when it comes to managing team documents? SharePoint libraries help people organize documents and keep up with changes, so your team won’t feel like it’s swimming against the current." This post is a little dated, but still holds relevant content for thinking about your library structure.
  6. SharePointHosting.com, SharePoint360.com
    I get a lot of requests about how to go about setting up SharePoint. My usual response is, "Why bother?" Find a good hosting service and concentrate on your Information Architecture and intuitive Information Access, leaving the hosting chores to those who do it best.

There, that should keep you busy for a couple of minutes. If you’ve found a killer site outside the mainstream, leave us a comment so we can check it out, too.